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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble

Instrument rental

We rent out some of our instruments. For any rental request, rates and conditions, you can contact us by email or by phone:
+33(0) 7 49 41 64 56

Harpsichord, 2 keyboards
Copy of the "Couchet" from the collection of the metropolitan museum in New York
Keyboard: GG-e, pitch 392-415-440 Hz
created by Andreas Kilstrom
For more technical information:

Positive organ
Created by Henk Klop
Model: CC-f''' keyboard with stops of 8', 4', 2' and fifth in pitch 415-440-465 Hz With its transport case (150 kg)
For more technical information:

Italian harpsichord, 1 keyboard
Two sets of 8 feet.
Keyboard: C-c''' Pitch 415-440-465 Hz, copy created by Becicka & Hüttl, for more technical information:

Flight case also available.

Yamaha 515B Piano

With carrying bag and stand

Changing of Pitch, historical temperament, and transposition

For more technical information:P-515 - Détails - SERIE P - Pianos - Instruments de musique - Produits - Yamaha - France