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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble

Dido ans Æneas

H. Purcell

If we generalize a bit, comic book readers only knowledge of opera is through Tintin and Castafiore... If we generalize further, opera lovers only knowledge of comics is through Tintin and Castafiore! It's a bit provocative. But, wishing to make our “specialized on historical instruments”-interpretation accessible to as many people as possible and to design our shows for all audiences, Les Nouveaux Caractères wanted to bring together some of its faithful companions, instrumentalists and singers, around of a recognized comic book author, designer and talented screenwriter.

Our driving force behind creating this work was the need to offer a modern and lightened interpretation, contrasted and lively, colorful and dark, in the image of the genius of the composer. It’s important to note that the work resisted all our eccentricities and attempts at destructuring it, which was the validation of our intuition: The fragility of a line or a song, a tonality in the service of color, the time of a drawing, an eloquent silence, a supple body and its static shadow, everything grips and holds us back between hypnosis and synesthesia!


Musical direction: Sébastien d'Hérin
Singing and staging: Caroline Mutel
Drawing: Florence Dupré La Tour