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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble

La Gamme

M. Marais

Three musicians, one scale. A masterpiece of simplicity, emotions and subtlety.

Marin Marais created this masterpiece that deployed all of his expressive palette.

"La Gamme" (1723) by Marin Marais is a statement: instrumental music is self-sufficient. It does not need to be accompanied by singers or to demonstrate the technicality of its instrumentalists in order to exist and to be appreciated. With this, Marais gave a new definition of the place of instrumental music. And he did it using the simplest tool there is: scale.

"La Gamme" can say it all: it can laugh or cry, be tender or threatening, mournful or conquering. This work has a variety of personalities that create a subtle and unique composition.

This series of notes, with a simple appearance, expresses a wholeness, and contains virtually all the music to come. But it is also, as an ordered and oriented figure, a path that marks out any musical journey, the principle of any movement in the universe of sounds. It is therefore both elementary material and a process of development, a place and a journey, stability and destabilization. » Sébastien d'Hérin - Director