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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble

The Messiah

G.F Haendel

Under the direction of Sébastien d'Hérin, the orchestra of Les Nouveaux Caractères and the student choir of Les Chartreux invite you to discover "Messiah" in a version full of colors and nuances, as close as possible to the original work.

A monumental work

A great oratorio for choirs, orchestras and soloists, "Messiah" or "The Messiah" is probably Handel's most popular work. It is considered to be a jewel among the most beautiful existing oratorios.

On a libretto by Charles Jennen, Handel's faithful collaborator and ally in the face of the British's weariness for the Italian style that Handel then represented, the text compiles fine extracts from the Old and New Testaments and reaffirms the essence of the anglican belief. The life of Christ is presented from the prophecies to their fulfilment. Thus it summons the mysteries of the Incarnation, the Nativity, the Passion and the Resurrection, the Psalms and the Lamentations of Jeremiah, in order to invite the listener to meditate on the Redemption.

Like the Scriptures, the music is dramatic and theatrical, so it visualizes that which is not staged. The highlight consists of the choirs, that are present on twenty out of fifty-two parts.

A living fresco... composed in three weeks !

Handel devoted all of his genius to this work and one can only be shocked when finding out that he composed it between August and September of 1741. During those three weeks, he threw himself headlong into the composition of what would become an overwhelming creation, between a living fresco and a mystical contemplation, which inscribed him into the pantheon of the greatest composers.