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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble

Sacrés Caractères! 400 years with Molière

Molière, J. de La Bruyère, J.-B. Lully

To be a Don Juan, a Harpagon, a Tartuffe, a Misanthrope, a Malade imaginaire… all these characters have become symbols in our every day language. And it is easy to understand why French is referred to as “the language of Molière”!
Since the 17th century, the great man has always illustrated our contemporary reality, he whose pen has outlived its time and sometimes even its author. In his Caractères, La Bruyère indirectly reproaches him in particular for not knowing how to “paint from nature” and for caricaturing too often. This is also true of Lully, Molière's favourite composer, in whom the latter finds a man and a talent to his excess.
By following in the famous footsteps of these genius creators, we offer you a journey through time and a tasty gallery of portraits where young and old can recognise each other and learn about the pleasure of uncovering vices and bringing down masks. On the soft or squeaky strings of our historical instruments and with a lot of side steps, five artists will mime to make you guess and appreciate all these characters.



Excerpts of works by Molière, La Bruyère and Lully

Orchestra • cordes, hautbois, continuo​)​​
Musical direction & harpsichord • Sébastien d’Hérin​
Soprano & staging • Caroline Mutel​