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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble



Within the home for young unaccompanied minors of Notre Dame du Grand Port, Sébastien d'Hérin and Caroline Mutel have offered several workshops based on body music, polyphony and the mixture of African and Brazilian percussion and early music.


1. Allow young unaccompanied minors to express themselves, to reclaim their history, their culture, their language(s) while understanding French culture and language as well as the socio-cultural and sociolinguistic codes.

2. Develop social ties and thereby the mobility of young unaccompanied minors: allow young people who are not used to moving around, to leave their neighborhood / shelter in order to create a meeting and a collective emulation motivated by artistic creation but also to open their living space to the outside.

3. Open the young participants to cultural practices to which they do not have access or towards which they do not naturally go thanks to opening activities.

Our project bases its identity on this meeting and anchors its artistic and educational approach in the contemporary issues of tradition and modernity.

We want to open play areas for these young people - in every sense of the word - and allow them to grasp the culture of their host country while creating their own artistic language: a space for transmitting and creating living arts.