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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble


Professional training in the Alexander technique

Developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander at the end of the 19th century, the Alexander Technique is an educational process that seeks to develop the abilities of individuals to enable them to avoid creating unnecessary muscle tensions. It allows you to learn how to restore a healthy postural balance necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It is an easy-to-learn set of practices that applies to how we use our body, mind, and emotions in our activities.


1. Improve attention and presence / Increase self-confidence

2. Reduce and prevent pain / Avoid unnecessary fatigue

3. Improve posture / Adopt a good posture, behaviour

4. Release tension / Manage stress

5. Free the breath and the vision / Improve your breathing for more ease

6. Being on stage / Prepare for engaging in professional situations (competition, job interview, annual interview, etc.)


Artists (career artists, young professionals, just out of school) who need to manage their stress, their fatigue, take care of their bodies to avoid injuries and accidents, facilitate their learning and unfold their potential

Interested amateurs who can benefit from the same tools in the context of a non-artistic profession or a job search. For example: managing a group, finding self-confidence, having a job interview, performing certain daily tasks

Trainees will be offered practical implementations directly related to their own requests and needs.


Self-assessment at the start of training

Daily interim assessments

General (group) and personalized (beneficiary) assessment

Final evaluation with eventual closing concert

At the end of the course, a written summary is offered to each of the participants accompanied by all the documents studied as well as photo or video content of themselves in a learning and production situation. Beneficiaries can thus leave with an analysis of themselves and personalized tools to continue to maintain their own psycho-corporal “mapping”.

Disability contact:


tel: 07 49 41 64 56

Registration forms are processed within one week.


10-14 July 2024


Le Mas - Saint-Lager 69220


€640 VAT included

Possible support by a funding organization (Les Nouveaux Caractères is in the process of a certification audit)

Accommodation / Catering

Possibility at the place of training (flat rate, €20 per night)

For complete training program, informations and registration form, please contact: administration(@) – +33 6 77 09 43 22