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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble



Since January 2021, Les Nouveaux Caractères have entered into residency within the Institution Des Chartreux. This three-year partnership is accompanied by artistic and educational events with students.

We plan these events according to the three main traditional axes of deployment of artistic education, discovery, meetings and practice.

Several educational projects are set up, depending on the ages of the students, from primary school to higher education.

Discovery of an unknown baroque instrument or the singing voice; thematic workshops about a question of Art History or a historical event; the crossing of disciplines; participatory projects on the theme of “Voyage en France”; formation of an orchestra and rehearsals for a concert; creation of an instrument; digital newspaper; work on modernity, and participation in the Aux Arts festival are some upcoming projects.

LNC therefore participates in the development of local musical cultural life and within the various places of the institution in agreement with David Camus, director of development of the institution.