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Lyrical Baroque Ensemble

Les Surprises de l’Amour - opus 2

J-P Rameau

Discover the mythical opera-ballet of Rameau under the baton of Sébastien d'Hérin and the subtle play of Les Nouveaux Caractères.

The work

Between enchanting Sirens, Muses adept at mind games and old men in love, "Les Surprises de l'Amour" is an emblematic work of the 18th century. It symbolizes one of the great influences of the Grand Siècle: myths and the return to antiquity. The surprises that love can generate are the thread of the acts of this opera-ballet.

Composed in 1748, "Les Surprises" represents the maturity of Jean-Philippe Rameau's career. Everything is more concentrated: amplified emotions and wisdom, the mythological universe, dancing which is fully integrated into the musical discourse and above all the music, at the peak of the composer's career.

As the symbolic heir of Jean-Baptiste Lully, Rameau shares his relationship with dance but stands out for his innovative approach, going further into the mixing of various artistic elements. Through this, "Les Surprises" breaks radically from Lully: Rameau puts his harmonies at the service of the theatrical elements and carries a rich musical discourse that marries the dramatic elements.

Take part in history

The work has never been fully recorded. With the creation of our record in 2013, we began a Rameau cycle. This first recording includes three entries from "Les Surprises": "La Lyre Enchantée", "L’Enlèvement d’Adonis" and "Anacréon". With this second opus that we offer in concert, we complete the cycle with "Le Retour d'Astrée", "Anacréon" which we have the pleasure of replaying, and "Les Sybarites".


Musical direction • Sébastien d'Hérin

On disc
ENTRANCE 2 La Lyre Enchantée 1st version
ENTRANCE 3 L’Enlèvement d’Adonis
ENTRANCE 4 Anacréon

In concert
ENTRANCE 1 Le Retour d’Astrée
ENTRANCE 4 Anacréon
ENTRANCE 5 Les Sybarites